Wheelchair Football American-Style, Take II

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By: Tiffiny | September 26th, 2014 @ 7:15 pm | Feature stories |


Last year we first blogged about the American-version of wheelchair football, and it’s been growing in popularity. There have been several new videos made on this sport over the last year too, and we’d love to share them.

Your NFL team may not have a chance this year, but wheelchair football could definitely use your support. For a look at an adapted sport that allows both manual and powerchairs on the field, read on for the latest videos from the hut-hut world of wheelchair football, and don’t forget your helmet.

Video #1: Toledo Crash Wheelchair Football Team Profiled by NBC

Recently, NBC 24 in Toledo, Ohio profiled their hometown wheelchair football team, the Toledo Crash, and they did a great job of showing why the sport rules. In case you didn’t know, it’s because it’s one of the rare adapted sports that allows both manual and power wheelchairs.

When it’s played indoors, it’s played on a basketball court (outdoors it’s played on any available field). Able-bodied players are allowed too; another rare trait of an adapted sport, but they must use a wheelchair. The video shows both types of players and they answer the question, “Why you like wheelchair football?”

Watch: “Ready to Play? Crashing wheelchairs and clashing football skills”

Video #2: Top UK Wheelchair Fencer Tries Wheelchair Football

Adrian Derbyshire, Britain’s best wheelchair fencer, has only been disabled since 2008 (after suffering a brain hemorrhage caused by a benign brain tumor). He may not have a spinal cord injury, but his mobility is impaired by paralysis, which means he knows the life of a wheelchair-user all too well.

In his video of him and a few mates, they give American wheelchair football a try, and boy do they make it look good. Not only do they have the whole huddling thing down pat, the quarterback has an epic arm and the ball is caught expertly in the end-zone. These Brit wheelchair football players could be the next big thing in the sport (watch out America heh).

Watch: Playing The New Wheelchair Sport – American Football

Video #3: Paralyzed Former NFL Player Coaches Football

Sometimes we even want to coach, and Eric, a high school football coach, hasn’t let his injury stop him from coaching. A paraplegic from a shooting 24 years ago, he uses a Lifestand Helium standing manual wheelchair to make coaching easier for everything from showing plays on the whiteboard in the locker room to coaching on the sidelines.

The video shows him in all areas of coaching and how his standing wheelchair helps him do a better job overall. A former NFL football player himself, it’s very cool seeing someone of this stature in this position.

Watch: Helium Stand-Up Wheelchair: Football Coach E

It may not be your cup of tea, but wheelchair football cannot be denied as one of the most thrilling adapted sports to come around in the last 10 years. When quads and paras can play together, that makes us supremely happy, and it’s even better when it comes in the form of one of America’s most beloved sports.

What do you love about wheelchair football?

Watch the videos!

- “Crashing wheelchairs and clashing football skills” NBC 24 profiles the Toledo Crash

- Playing The New Wheelchair Sport – American Football

- Helium Stand-Up Wheelchair: Football Coach E

- BONUS VIDEO: Wheelchair Football Practice 9/11/2014

SCI Superstar: Jordan Bone

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By: Tiffiny | September 23rd, 2014 @ 7:11 pm | SCI Superstars |


Beauty comes in many forms and Jordan Bone, a C6 quad from Norfolk, UK, may be one of the best examples of this age old adage. Injured 10 years ago in a car accident when she was just 15, Jordan has gone on to become one of the internet’s rising makeup vloggers, and 2014 has been her year.

From being honored by the UK’s Prime Minister for her tireless work in road safety to being interviewed by some of UK’s top makeup artists, Jordan’s fame is skyrocketing. A popular motivational speaker for the Fixers organization as well, who knows what the future holds for this dynamic lady.

To see how a woman pulled herself out of depression with just a camera, high quality makeup and an eager audience, read on for the awesome story of Jordan Bone.

Why she’s fearless

Jordan was injured in a car accident, but the accident wasn’t her fault in the least. While walking down the side of a road with a girlfriend one afternoon, some male friends stopped and asked if they needed a ride. Jordan hesitated knowing the driver just got his license, but she agreed to ride him anyways.

The driver ended up driving too quickly, and crashing the car after hitting a puddle. Everyone in the car was ok except Jordan, who sustained a C6 injury. “I knew as I was lying there something was wrong,” she says, as she was trying to move but couldn’t. And after her initial rehab and going back home, Jordan was depressed like many of us also get, unsure of what kind of future held in store for her.

The one thing however that kept her sane in the hospital was keeping up on her makeup skills, which was not easy since she no longer had any finger movement. “There is so much I need help with in day-to-day life,” says Jordan, “being able to at least put on my makeup feels amazing.”

After attending university post-injury (and leaving because she wasn’t happy there), Jordan decided to do something creative with her life, and artistic expression though makeup is one of the things she enjoys the most. She founded her blog – Jordan’s Beautiful Life – a couple of years ago and made it an unique beauty blog, with everything from make-up tutorials to beauty product hauls, but from her SCI perspective.

What’s next?

Recently Jordan received over 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel; a huge feat for any blogger. And she was spotlighted by the Prime Minister of the UK on Twitter recently for her advocacy work with the Fixers organization, where she goes to high schools and driving programs talking about the importance of using caution when behind the wheel.

With a fresh face, her boyfriend, mom and her little doggies by her side, Jordan and is ready to take on the world, and gosh darn it does she make it look good.

Have you tried Jordan’s make-up tutorials?

- Visit her blog: Jordan’s Beautiful Life

Watch the videos!


- Get Ready With Me ~ Naked 3 Palette makeup tutorial

- Jordan’s Vlog of her trip to Miami for biofeedback

- #TuesdayChats – Staying positive with Jordan Bone (interview by Pixiewoo)